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LTO Network Node


You can optain the latest version of docker-compose using pip.

System requirements

The Minimal requirements are:

1 vCPU 4Gb RAM 30Gb SSD

Recommended configuration are:

2+ vCPU 8Gb RAM +30Gb SSD


This repository contains the configuration files to run your LTO Node. There are 3 configuration variations of the node. Each configuration serves a different need of the node:

Node Type Description
Public Node only Contains only the public node. This configuration can be used for mining
Anchor Node Contains both the public node and the anchoring service. This configuration can be used for the anchoring of hashes of the public LTO chain
Full Node Contains all services. This configuration can used to run decentralized workflows

### TestNet

If you wish to start testing with our testnet. Please create a wallet on:

Send you address to our support so we will deposit some LTO for testing on the testnet. Or request your tokens via our telegram channel.

To view all the transactions on the testnet you can check out our explorer on:

### Mainnet

For mainnet you will have to buy tokens. You can then use these tokens and send them to the wallet you will link to your node or lease then to the wallet linked to your node.

The wallet can be found here:

The explorer can be found here: